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What is this game?

In Bionic Swap, you are the new kid in school when the newest toy craze hits. The kids have made up their own rules which are way better than the original and includes ripping each toy apart and putting them back together however you want. The teachers only play with the original models and want to force the kids to play by the "proper" rules. You decide to be the best and show the teachers that the kid's rules are the best way to play it. Find the most powerful people's robots in the school to train your skills and gain hyper bucks to buy new, even better parts in the shop.

Put together customisable robots and battle them against enemies in a real-time, cooldown-based fights, where you must manage the energy and heat of your robot and its limb cooldowns. Use the money earned from wining battles to buy new limbs for your robot. The game is inspired by toy crazes in the mid to late 2000s.

What can I expect?

Extensive customisation of your robot with Millions of unique robots, using a combination of 40+ robot parts with different abilities and uses!

Build your strategy with:

  • 30 different limbs to collect!
  • 4 attack types and resistances!
  • 5 unique status effects!
  • 14 unique (Booster/ Modules/ Augments) to amplify your robot!


  • Targeting enemy limbs: click the aim matrix (middle right) or A, D to scroll through
  • Selecting ability to use: click on the ability or press numbers 1-5

Meet The Team:

Lead Designer: Jasper Frank
Designer: Ayoub Elmiet
Lead Programmer: Quinn Davies
Lead Artist: Beth Wells
Producer: Sebastian Jennings

Soundtrack by Alvise Carraro
his Spotify link:


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