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Imperium is a 2D Lo-fi, Sci-fi Puzzle Adventure game set in a dystopian future where you take on the role of BS-23, a former scientist of the condemned scientific organisation known as The Betterment. Imprisoned due to their involvement with the original Betterment, BS-23 is sent out onto dangerous missions alone and unarmed with the objective to obtain vital data at the behest of the Galactic Council Of Species. Aiding them in their fight back against a newer Betterment regime that threatens to put the entire galaxy in jeopardy, in return for a reduced prison sentence.

However, BS-23 is not entirely alone. Each planet is also home to cybernetic hybrid versions of their home species, taken over by the new Betterment regime, of which BS-23 needs to find their way through, reach the end of each city and obtain the crucial data to save the galaxy.

  • Narrative Driven Gameplay Through Dialogue And Collectables 
  • Control Betterment Units To Help Solve Puzzles
  • 3 Unique Units All With Different Use Cases 
  • Push/Pull/Activate & Deactivate Units to give you more control
  • Explore 3 Distinctive Worlds
  • Tough Puzzles - can you beat them?

Designed, Developed & Created by

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We are a team of avid Game Design Students who aim to make narrative driven games paired with eye-catching visuals that will stick with you even after the credits have rolled.

Imperium is our first collective venture into the realm of Game Design and Development, having been tasked with making a gaming experience from start to finish in just 60 days.  

Producer/ Narrative Lead/ Marketing - Kerri Squires

Kerri has experience with fictional writing, narrative design and team management. Previously specialising in comedy and in recent years having expanded into the horror genre, she loves working on character interactions and bringing their personalities to life.

Lead Designer/ Level Designer - Chloe McCarthy 

Chloe is experienced in character and level design, with a particular interest in RPGs, fantasy games and narrative/world building.  Also has a keen interest in fictional writing and cats, as well as being a massive metalhead. 

Lead Programmer/ Cinematic Lighting Artist - Seamus Moore

Seamus has a passion for cinematic and narrative focused games. This helped guide him with creating a dramatic feel to Imperium and pushed him to learn new skills in programming to deliver an experience that flowed smoothly to fully immerse players into the story and gameplay.

Lead Artist/ Concept & UI Artist/ Marketing - Niki C. Swinfen-Wilkes

Niki CSW has experience in character and environment art, specialising in non-traditional cell-shaded comic art. They enjoy fast music, beautiful games, and black coffee.

Lead Animator/ Marketing - Durrah Razfan

Durrah is passionate when it comes to animations. She has experienced using Aseprite to animate most of the sprites. She loves to put extra blood in her animation style.

With special thanks to:

Music Composer / Sound Designer & Sound Engineer - Alvise Carraro

Alvise Carraro finds his personal musical voice mixing his beloved classical music with the myriad of prog-electro musical influences buzzing in his head. He enjoys sci-fi, mountain walks, fantasy, canoeing and silence. Of course he is a big Ridley Scott fan.

Produced By

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Many thanks to Octopus 8 Studios for giving us the chance to put our design skills and special talents to the test over these past 60 days. If you want to check out the other games produced by Octopus 8 Studios during this event then click the logo above.

1.  Download the Imperial .zip file and unzip/extract files

2. Install the 'Glitchbone-Regular.ttf' font file (Double Click to install on Windows)

3. Click and run the 'Imperium.exe' application to play our game!

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TW: Contains Blood, Strong Language And Themes That Players May Find Disturbing


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